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If you are starting back, or getting into exercise for the first time since giving birth, you are advised to get medical​ clearance from your GP or Midwife before you begin.

When you are ready for effective exercises & workouts to help you feel like you again, The Fitt Mum Project has you covered.

“That feeling of wanting to feel like me again and fit back into my clothes.

That feeling of wanting to get started, but not, because I had a long way to go.”

Effective exercises & workouts

If you are getting back into exercise for the first time since giving birth (even if it’s years later), it is important that you start with gentle exercises to strengthen the core & pelvic areas. If you go straight into higher impact exercises, you may injure yourself and worsen any discomfort/issues you may have (such as abdominal separation and/or pelvic pain/incontinence).


Until you have fully healed and strengthened your core and pelvic floor, it’s best to avoid the following during your workouts:

  • Jumping/running
  • Overstretching
  • Heavily weighted exercises that bare down on your pelvic floor ie. weighted squats & lunges
  • High impact
  • Traditional core exercises such as situps, crunches, full planks

I highly recommend incorporating our Yogalates session with a core & pelvic floor restore focus into your routine. This is a fantastic place to start to strengthen your core & pelvic floor.​

Are you ready to start your fitness journey?

Here are some things you can expect when you become a Fitt Mum Member

1. To Be Challenged

You will find some exercises harder than others, that is totally normal and expected.  Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t think you need to keep up with anyone else! Your sessions are for you, so take at your own pace.

2. To have FUN

Be open to working hard and having fun along the way!

3. To be sore

Yes this will happen! Especially if you haven’t done this type of training before (or in a while). If you can get through your first week, you can get through anything!

Stay hydrated, and make sure you stretch after workouts.

Stretching and Epsom salt baths can be great to help reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and get the blood flowing into the muscles.  Just keep moving! Increasing protein intake will also help with muscle repair & recovery.

4. To look/feel/act differently

For those who are new to exercise, the following progression may go something like this:

– (1-2 weeks) – You feel better – less bloating, clearer head

– (2-3 weeks) – you see progressions in your exercise, more reps/heavier weights/all round fitness improvements

– (3-4 weeks) – You look ‘better’ – you skin is clearer, your clothes are fitting better.

Stay positive and be realistic.  Fitness is a roller coaster.  Some days you just don’t have it, and that’s okay!

Also remember to set goals that are realistic for YOU!

Keep your eyes open for the small victories and celebrate them.  Be proud of what your body can do today that it couldn’t do 2 weeks ago!

Always remember that fitness is a journey, not a destination.  Focus on the small steps that will get you closer to your end goal.

Enjoy the process!

Workout with us on demand & in your own time! Find your workout and press play!

Once you’re in the member area, register for one of our challenges to help you reach your goals with like minded Mums, or download your 8 week workout planner!

What Is The Fitt Mum Project?

The FMP is a wellbeing & fitness community all about supporting & empowering Māmā to become the best version of themselves! 

Get your confidence back, increase your energy levels, and become the best version of you!

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