Top Tips to get Motivated!

Motivation is like a rollercoaster. When we’re motivated it’s awesome – we get stuff done and we feel accomplished, when we have no motivation, we tend to get very little done – and feel guilty for it.

There are times where, if you want to reach your goals, you are going to have to discipline yourself, even if you can’t quite strike up the motivation to do so.

Don’t want to do it? Do it anyway..

Every time you push through, your willpower increases.

Everytime you push through, you’re that much closer to creating a habit.

Everytime you push through, your that much closer to your goals.

It’s an awesome feeling when we do feel motivated, so, next time you’re finding it hard to get going, try my top tips below to help you get back in the zone.

👉 don’t go in with an ‘all or nothing’ attitude – this very rarely works and lasts a couple weeks max. Next minute you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’. Small steps. Start with small, manageable goals and be PATIENT.

👉 think about your ‘why’ – why do you want this? Like, really want this? Write it down. Re-read everyday.

👉 how do you want to feel in 2 weeks time, 3 months time, 6 months time? Write it down as if you’ve already achieved it. Re-read it everyday!

👉 save for some new activewear – there’s nothing like new workout clothes to get you moving!

👉 get your friends onboard and motivate one another

👉 follow people who inspire you

👉 make up a vision board of the things you want. Put it somewhere you’ll see it everyday!

👉 write a daily journal & gratitude – what do you want and what are you grateful for? This is a powerful tool that keeps your mind focused, if done everyday.

👉 plan & prep your food for the week – include things that you love as well!

👉 plan your workout/s for the week and do them no matter what (remember, what’s manageable for you??). Mornings are also best in that they are done & dusted for the day – you don’t run the risk of other needing to do things that pop up instead.

What are some other things that help get you motivated? Comment below!

You’ve got this, 1 day at a time ✨✨

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