The FMP 5 Pillars To Successful Fat Loss


❤️Who do you want to be?

❤️What kind of Person/Mum/Partner/Friend do you want to be?

❤️What sort of person will you be WHEN you reach your goal/s?

Be this person NOW. Don’t wait. What’s stopping you??

Shift your focus. Focus on how you FEEL, not the weight loss.

❤️ How do you feel when you eat healthy nutritious food?

❤️ How do you feel after a workout?

❤️ How do you feel after consistently exercising & eating well for a week??

If you continue to eat well and exercise because it makes you feel good – you are more likely to stick with it and make it apart of your lifestyle for good. This in turn will bring long term results. If you focus solely on weight loss/the number on the scale, you will find long term change difficult to sustain.


💛What habits do you need to make in order to become that person?

To create a new habit, you must do this EVERYDAY. Brushing our teeth every morning is habit. You may have noticed (lol) that your kids don’t want to brush their teeth. We were like that once too. But now it’s something that we JUST DO. We formed this habit by doing this everyday whether we wanted to or not. Now it’s like second nature, right?

That’s the place you want to get to with your healthy lifestyle. You WILL get there, just start chipping away, or continuing with those new habits.


This is KEY if you want to reach your goals. A few healthy meals, and a few workouts here and there, are not going to get you the results you want. Make better food choices everyday, as well as keep your workouts/exercise consistent each week.


In order to make LIFELONG change, you need to change your environment.

💙 If you have tried to lose weight, or tone up before, and it didn’t work, or the results didn’t last, Why??

💙What are some of the things in your environment that are making it difficult for you to make a change?

💙 What can you do about it???

Changing your environment can be anything from finding your support crew i.e. other like-minded Mums, surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging friends and family, hanging out with others who you aspire to be like, purging your pantry of crap foods, making and planning your time, putting up something you’ll see everyday that inspires you ie. vision board, inspo pics, bucket lists etc.

💙Have a think what you can change in your environment to better set yourself up for success.


Our brains are hardwired to stop when things get uncomfortable. The self doubt that creeps in, the excuses, the lack of motivation, it’s ALL hard to overcome. If you eat the ‘wrong thing’, don’t punish yourself. Move on and start fresh next meal.

Even when you don’t feel like it – discipline yourself and do it anyway..

The Fitt Mum Project