Perifit Kegel Exerciser Review


The Perifit kegel exerciser is a device that connects to a smartphone app, and is designed to strengthen your pelvic floor. This helps to reduce incontinence, boost post natal recovery, increase sexual wellness, and reduce prolapse.


You start by inserting the device into your vagina, and connecting it to the smartphone app. The app consists of various games to play by squeezing and relaxing your pelvic floor.

Depending on your goal, you’re given various training programmes to choose from, such as ‘post partum’, ‘intimate wellbeing’, & ‘incontinence’.

This device is great in that it helps you engage both your superficial muscles & your deep muscles. This is important so that you can fully strengthen your pelvic floor. Your superficial muscles are located near the outside of your vagina, which help with bowel & bladder control. Your deep muscles help to hold up your organs. It is difficult to activate both of these muscles when you are doing traditional kegel exercises alone.


It’s been 3 or so years now since giving birth and having an episiotomy. After this, things down there haven’t quite been the same. I workout regularly and aim to engage my pelvic floor throughout my workouts (when I remember!), however, I haven’t quite been able to fully ‘recover’ down there. There has been the odd time where I have been busting to go to the toilet, and i’ve had trouble holding it in!

So while traditional kegel exercises are great, along with engaging your pelvic floor during your workouts, you need to remember to do these regularly in order to see significant results.

One of things I like about the Perifit, is that it is a tangible device that I can use, and it prompts me to use both muscle groups by squeezing tighter and relaxing. It also shows me my progress and what I need to work on.

So before you get started (and insert the device into your vagina), you’ll need to find some ‘quiet’ time, ideally when the kids aren’t home! – Because I needed to wait for the right time, it took me a while to get it out and give it a go.

When setting up, you need to have the aerial end sticking out, so it can connect to your smartphone. I had to sit with my legs apart, and prop myself up with pillows in order to play the app. Just taking the time to set it all up took a bit of effort.

The first game that came up was a ‘catching’ butterflies game. The higher the butterflies are in the sky, the harder you need to squeeze to ‘catch’ them. The lower the butterflies are, the more you need to relax to catch them. I found it difficult to catch the high butterflies, as I couldn’t quite squeeze hard enough. So, i’m guessing my pelvic floor needs some work!

I have no doubt that this device will help me fully strengthen my pelvic floor. The Perifit would have been extremely handy if I had started with it post birth – now I have one, so I will definitely continue to use it and work on my pelvic floor!


  • Tangible device with results you can see via the progress tracker
  • Engages both your superficial and deeper muscles, helping to strengthen your complete pelvic floor area
  • Various training programmes to try
  • Helps to reduce incontinence, boost post natal recovery, increase sexual wellness, and reduce prolapse
  • More effective than traditional kegel exercises alone due to the different levels of squeezing required


  • Effort to set it up


I highly recommend the Perifit if you are experiencing any pelvic floor issues, or have not long given birth! The Perifit takes out all the guess work for you, and you know what you’re working, and what you need to work on. 4 out of 5 stars! 😍

The Fitt Mum Project