Now Is Your Time To Shine Mama!

We wanted time Mamas, and now, due to the current situation, we’ve got it! (well the majority of us!)

How many times have you wanted to get ‘back on the wagon’, or ‘start on Monday’, only to feel like you had no time, or you were too busy??

Well Mama, our time has finally come! Let’s work on smashing those goals together! If you didn’t have time for food prep or exercise before, you do now!

Food Preparation 🥦🥑🥗🥘

Even though we’re at home, and have easy access to food, it’s still a GREAT idea to plan out your meals & food prep. Not only is that going to help financially in this uncertain time, but you’ll also have healthier choices ready to go. With the boredom setting in, so does mindless snacking, so it’s important to have healthy food choices ready.

What is Food Prep? Food prep is where you cook, or prepare, a bunch of meals/snacks ahead of time, and store in containers ready to go.

Here are some healthy food prep ideas that you can try

  • Chopped vegies, like carrots, celery, cucumber, capscicum, and serve with dip or hummus
  • Small containers with a mix of cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, cucumber, cheese, fruit
  • Boiled eggs
  • Toasted pita bread, to serve with dip or hummus
  • Smoothie bags, ready to throw into the blender
  • Steam or boil a bunch of vegetables to heat up with a piece of meat etc.
  • Chicken drumsticks, sausages, chicken nuggets (small pieces of chicken rolled in LSA & egg, and cooked in pan), any sort of meat ready to heat n’ eat!
  • Prep/cut up vegies and store in containers ready for making stirfrys
  • Falafel – slap in a wrap with salad
  • Salads ready to serve with meat etc. This Spinach, Pumpkin & Feta Salad is amaze!
  • Nacho mix ready to heat up and throw on some cornchips, kumara ‘chips’ , or toasted pitabread or wraps! Here’s my delicious nacho recipe here
Untitled design (37).png

Exercise 💪🏃‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🤸‍♀️

Getting in your exercise is more important than ever! This is going to help keep you sane, as well as help you stay healthy & manage your weight.

Home workouts are perfect to get a sweat on during this time.

Take a look under the videos tab on my facebook page for workout ideas, or join us in The Fitt Mum Club private facebook group – you’ll have new workouts to follow along to each week (all fitness levels), as well as meal plans designed for fat loss & wellness! Go here for your 1 Week Free Trial (no credit card needed).

Or, give one of our 20min HIIT workouts a go here

Don’t get to the end of these next few weeks, and regret not having used this time. Trust me, if you don’t take advantage of the time we’ve been given, you will regret it!

When else will you have THIS MUCH time??

The Fitt Mum Project