My Top 5 Tips To Reduce The ‘mum Tum’!

  1. Drink at least 2-3L of water per day. Keeping your fluid intake up helps reduce water weight/ extra bloat.
  2. Eat a clean diet. Reduce processed foods (most things in a packet) and takeaways. Stick with fresh wholefoods and lean meat. Also cut back/avoid gluten, wheat and dairy, as these cause inflammation in the body. If you have a sweet tooth, try recipes that are refined sugar free.
  3. Focus on full body workouts that are CHALLENGING – not just ab exercises. Working your whole body will burn more calories and help burn away the belly fat! See some of my workout videos on my FB page for ideas!
  4. Get in at least 2-3 full body workouts per week with lighter cardio days in between (such as a 45min walk or 10mins of skipping). Stick with this for at least 6 weeks! (However, aim to make exercise apart of your life for good!)
  5. Be consistent! You must be consistent overtime to see changes in your tummy. Stick with your plan!

If you need help and feel it’s time to make a change, register your interest here for our next 10 Week Project! or our new 8 Week Fitt Mama Challenge. With home workouts and weekly meal plans to follow, you will feel AMAZING in no time!

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