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Search through workouts under the ‘Workouts’ tab. 

All workouts can be modified to suit, & modifications are shown where possible. Warmup & Cooldowns are also included.

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If you are pregnant, you are advised to seek medical clearance before you begin. Please read the information for pregnancy under the resources tab BEFORE you start, to ensure you start off safely. We have a beginner & pregnancy workout that is suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

Post Partum

If you are starting back for the first time since giving birth, you are advised to get medical clearance before you begin. Please also read the information for post-partum under the resources tab BEFORE you start, to ensure you start off safely.


If you are new to exercise, I recommend starting with 2-3 workouts per week, with a rest day or light walks on days in between. 
You may experience muscle soreness in your first couple of weeks - this is normal and it will get easier as your muscles adjust. See our resource/exercise section for more information on what to expect when starting out.

The following workouts are a great place to start - give them a go and find which ones you like! It will take time to build up your strength & fitness, so rest when you need to, and don;t worry if you can't complete a workout. Your stamina will improve over time.

- Sculpt
- Beginner/Pregnancy
- Basic
- LIIT (lower impact interval training)
- Lift - start with lighter weights such as food cans
- HIIT (high intensity interval training)- use the modifications shown
- Tone

Our Workouts

(if they are not yet loaded onto the member area, you will find them in our Facebook Group)

Lift - Grab x2 challenging weights. Build lean muscle mass and burn fat in this 20min weights session.

Beginner/Pregnancy - 20min Low impact, bodyweight, suitable for beginners and all stages of pregnancy.

Shred20 - Burn fat and get in some cardio. High intensity, bodyweight, 20mins

Boxfitt30 - Burn fat and get in some cardio with boxing drills mixed in with strength exercises. High intensity, bodyweight, 30mins

Sculpt - Sculpt your body using resistance bands. Grab a small loop 'booty band' and a longer stretch or resistance band (you can find these at any sports store, such as torpedo 7 & rebel sport, as well as at The Warehouse and Kmart (great prices here!). 

Tone - 20 min endurance workout using higher reps & lighter weight, such as food cans. 20 mins.

Flex - 10-15 min stretch session - great to do at least 2x per week to help stretch out muscles and increase flexibility.

Core5 - 5 min core workout - great to add to the end of a workout

Fitt Tots w' Nyah - 5 mins max. Mini workout to get your tots moving.

Basic - 20min bodyweight, basic exercises, suitable for beginners and post partum.

LIIT (Low impact interval training)  -  20 min, bodyweight, suitable for beginners & post partum.

Shred30 - Fat burning, High intensity, bodyweight, 30 mins

Yoga Express with Helen Sian India - 10-15min sessions, great to reduce stress, lengthen out your muscles, and increase flexibility


Create your own meal plans and shopping lists with our recipes (under the recipes tab). New recipes are added each week (currently each day)! Create your shopping lists for the week by clicking ‘add to shopping list’. These will come up on your dashboard. 

There are also some sample meal plans in the resource section. More will be added soon!

If you are joining a challenge – you’ll receive your weekly meal plan via email. 

Find information on nutrition, exercise, women’s health etc under the ‘Resources’ tab.

Start here by completing your mindset tasks, ‘before’ measurements & photos, and Fitness Test.