Forget About Weight Loss! Focus On How You Feel..

The majority of us Mamas are looking to lose weight post baby. And, the majority of us Mamas focus solely on the weight loss.

You work super hard with your workouts, you eat ‘really well’, you evade those sugar cravings, perhaps you’re even starving (worst thing to do!), yet, the number on the scales isn’t budging.

You end up feeling discouraged pretty early on in your ‘journey’, and therefore lose your motivation. You then find yourself back at square one, and feeling guilty for the whole chocolate block you just ate.

Sound familiar Mama?

The problem when focusing solely on weight loss, is that you want results NOW. And when you don’t get results NOW, you fall off the wagon.

As i’m sure you know, results don’t just happen ‘overnight’. Not sustainable ones anyway.

So, my challenge for you Mama, is to focus solely on how you FEEL. Forget about the weight loss, throw away the scales!, and start to focus on what exercising regularly and eating well, does for you.

Overtime you’ll notice

  • You have more energy
  • You feel less stressed
  • You feel stronger
  • Your mood improves, your less ‘snappy’ to your partner & kids
  • Your clothes start to ‘fit better’
  • You have a whole new level of confidence
  • Your overall outlook is more positive!

When you focus on all of these points and how great regular exercise and eating well undeniably makes you feel, you’ll want to keep going.

By this point it’s easy to give into ‘seeing where this will take you’, rather than ‘I want this weight gone NOW’.

Knowing you’re enjoying the ‘journey’, you ease up on the ‘diet’ and don’t deprive yourself, still doing your best to make healthier choices (because it makes you feel good).

Before you know it, you’ve been consistently exercising and eating well each week, and consistency brings…… RESULTS.

So now you are loving the way it makes you feel AND you’re loving the way your body is CHANGING.

When it comes to that time where you’ve reached your goal, you won’t just stop like all the other times. You’ll keep going, because of the way it makes you FEEL.

And voila Mama, you have made that, ever so cliche, LIFESTYLE change! Weight no longer becomes an issue, because you enjoy living a healthy, active life. And I promise you, you WILL get to that point if you take my advice.

So Mama, flip your thinking around, and let me know where it takes you! x

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