Finding The Best Version Of You

Being a mum can be chaotic.

With work, demanding kids, piles of washing to fold, piles of dishes to wash, and everything else under the sun (!), we tend to forget about ourselves. We forget about our own health and wellbeing.

Getting lost in the ‘daily grind’ becomes our norm, and god forbid we have the time or energy to focus on ourselves.

How often do you find yourself snapping at the kids and those closest to you? How often do you feel so exhausted and stressed that you end up in a pile of tears? How often does the ‘small stuff’ feel like the ‘big stuff’?

You see, when we feel our BEST, we give our BEST.

We become more tolerant to the kids demands, our outlook changes and we feel more grateful for the things we have, and what was once the ‘big stuff’ is now the ‘small stuff’.

So, lets talk health & wellbeing goals. More specifically, YOUR health & wellbeing goals.

What are they?

What is your number 1 goal right now?

Maybe you want to fit back into your fav pants and feel CONFIDENT again, or perhaps you want more ENERGY to keep up with the kids?

Whatever your goals are, what steps have you taken in the last couple of weeks to move towards that goal?

I ask you this, because more often than not, you’ve thought about getting started, but haven’t. OR, you have started, but something else came up, and you haven’t quite got back to it. OR maybe your waiting till tomorrow….

Lack of time, lack of energy, demanding kids, work, Just. LIFE. – these things are always going to be there one way or another. Life will ALWAYS get in the way. I know this all too well, as i’m sure you do.

It’s how you navigate these ‘road blocks’ that’s important.

If you keep telling yourself ‘i’m too busy’, ‘I have no time’, ‘i’m too tired’ etc. you will NEVER achieve your goal. Because these ‘things’, more often than not, WILL NOT CHANGE.

SO, the question is, are you going to let those things stop you from truely achieving what you want in life?


Are you going to take ACTION?

Ask yourself this (and make a plan!)…

‘Where in my day can I find just 10 minutes to make reaching my goal a priority?’… Remember, there are 24 hours in a day…

Taking action NOW and making your goals a priority, will set you on your path to find the best version of you 💜💙

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