Don’t Feel Guilty, It’s A Time To Celebrate!

We all have the best intentions when it comes to the silly season, but how many of us actually stick to them?

Typically we don’t, and we end up feeling bad for it. We then feel like we have to ‘start all over’ again in the new year.

If you’re into the festive season, the best thing you can do, is ENJOY this time with your family and friends, and don’t feel guilty!

I mean, Christmas calories don’t count right! 😉

Here are some of my top tips to get through the silly season if you’re guilty of feeling guilty! :

  1. Don’t worry about weight loss! Just focus on maintaining your weight by keeping up your exercise. This is also going to help you feel better about your food choices!
  2. The best time to workout is first thing in the morning so you get it done and dusted! All you need is 15 minutes of high intensity exercise (give the workout a go below!)
  3. Keep up with your water consumption (approx 3L per day). This is important to help flush out toxins and keep you hydrated
  4. To help with the bloat, try apple cider vinegar before each meal, and eat foods that are diuretics (such as pineapple, watermelon, dandelion tea) to help flush out the system
  5. If you can make healthier alternatives to the usual dishes, go for it! A lot of the time they taste similar, and sometimes even better!!
  6. If eating before going to a party doesn’t stop you from heading straight to the chip n dip when you get there, then don’t eat before you go! I have read tips that tell us to eat before we go to a party so that we don’t over indulge. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t stop me from heading straight to the chip and dip table! Then I feel even worse because I ate at home AND at the party, doubling or even tripling my calories *sigh*. It’s a great tip if you have self control. But, If you’re like me, and the chip and dip is inevitable anyway, forget about eating prior, and ENJOY the food! Just focus on getting your workouts in and eating well around the indulgent times
  7. Book yourself into a new a year fit programme or classes, so that way you are ready to get back into it once the festivities are over! (if you’re interested in my 10 week online programme for sustainable weight loss, watch this space)

So Mamas, Let go of the guilt and CELEBRATE! Get back on track when the festivities are over!

Exercise isn’t necessarily the first thing we want to do while on holiday, but give this quick 15 min body weight workout a go as soon as you wake up, and you will feel AMAZE!

Fat Burn Circuit – 2-3 rounds – 30 seconds each exercise, 20 sec rest

Warmup – 20 star jumps, 20 high knees, 20 squats x2

  1. Squat Jumps (option – squats)
  2. Pushups
  3. Straight leg deadlift with reverse fly
  4. Burpees (option – walk it out burpee)
  5. Mountain ClimbersCool down with a full body stretch
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