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It's time to fill your cup!

Being a Mum is hard work! It’s so important we take the time to look after ourselves both mentally & physically – we can’t pour from an empty cup!

But Mum life is busy… we get it! 

With 20-30min effective workouts & nutritious meal plans, you can keep on top of your busy schedule.

We’re big on balance, and take a holistic approach when it comes to your health & fitness – no fad diets, no over exercising, just enough of the good stuff to help you feel confident, strong, and become the best version of you!

That feeling of wanting to feel like me again and fit back into my clothes.

That feeling of wanting to get started, but not, because I had a long way to go.

About The Fitt Mum Club

The Fitt Mum Club is a wellbeing & fitness community all about supporting & empowering Māmā to become the best version of themselves! 

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20-30min quick n’ effective workouts, complete in your own time from the comfort of your home

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Supportive community of like

 minded Mums

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Take the hassle out of meal planning and try one of our ready made meal plans

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100s of delicious recipes with printable shopping lists 

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Health, fitness and wellness education

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Challenges – register within the members area and receive extra support & motivation!

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Support – we are here for whatever you need along your journey! Use the chat, or message us via the contact page

Our Workouts

The FMP has a range of workouts to suit all Mums! All fitness levels welcome. 

Our Members


Jess started with The Fitt Mum Project 2 years ago and has never looked back!
Jess has 2 boys 15 & 14, and has suffered with depression & anxiety since the loss of her 2 brothers.
Since being apart of the fitt mum community, Jess has lost over 10kgs, gained healthier lifestyle habits, and incorporates fitness into her weekly routine. Like us all, Jess has her days where motivation doesn't come easy! But she always pushes through, and keeps moving forward no matter what.

Your smashing it Jess!


Leanne has been with The FMP for over a year and has persevered through setbacks and injury. Leanne shows up everyday, whether it be healthy meals, workouts, walks, she continues to take 1 step in front of the other! You're such an inspiration Leanne!
'Kia Ora everyone, my name is Leanne and this is my son Steven. We started the FMP in June 2020 and I have lost 15kg so far! Before I started, I had no energy, sleep wasn't great, I was tired, and I didn't want to do much with my son. I now feel I have way more energy, my sleep is better, i'm not as tired, and I can do way more with Steven. The Support I have got from Kowhai has been amazing, and I love that I can do everything online at my own place, and in my own time. Come and give it a go!'


Tania started here at The Fitt Mum Project when she & her partner embarked on their IVF journey.
In order to receive IVF, she needed to lose some weight to fall within the required BMI range. She also wanted to make healthier lifestyle habits for her and her whanau.
Tarn and her partner now have a beautiful 12 month old baby boy, Ihaka, and together they continue to incorporate healthy habits and weekly exercise into their routine!

Fat Loss

While here at The FMP we think you are perfect just the way you are, we know that fat loss is important to a lot of mums. We will help you achieve long term sustainable fat loss by taking a holistic & balanced approach – there are no quick fixes here. By focusing on balanced nutrition (no deprivation) & balanced movement (adding in rest and recovery days/sessions), as well as factors such as stress levels & hormones, we will help you achieve the results you are after – real, long term change takes time, so please trust us, and the process!

Our Plans

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I Remember this feeling..

The Fitt Mum Project - before and after

That feeling of wanting to feel like me again and fit back into my clothes.

That feeling of wanting to get started, but not, because I had a long way to go.
That feeling of feeling motivated, then looking in the mirror, and losing motivation, because starting again is HARD and I am reminded of how far I have to go.
That feeling of rather being on the couch because i’m too tired.
That feeling of justifying to myself why i’ll skip the workout today and start again tomorrow (or monday)
Getting started is hard.

But, there is no other way to reach your goals than to just get started, and keep on moving.

Little by little, day by day, changes start to happen, your mood and energy levels lift, your strength & fitness increases, and it gets EASIER.
The Fitt Mum Project