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Take Care of YOU Mama

Being a Mum is hard work! It’s so important we take the time to look after ourselves – we can’t pour from an empty cup!

The FMP is all about feeling your best – through movement, nutrition and wellbeing.

Your energy levels will increase,  your mood will lift, and your confidence will soar! 

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Live workouts per week

follow me Live, or come back in your own time!

20 min workout using challenging weights such as dumbbells, food cans, or water bottles!
20 min low impact, low intensity workout safe for all stages of pregnancy. Also great for post partum and beginners
20 min workout using a small loop resistance band 🍑, and a longer resistance band. Low impact versions suitable for pregnancy, beginners & Postpartum
high intensity 20 min workout using bodyweight only
high intensity 30 min bodyweight workout, with boxing drills and exercises
20 min endurance workout with higher reps & lower weights, such as food cans
5 min express bodyweight Core workout - add to the end of a session or do on it’s own!
Stretch & lengthen your muscles with a 10-15min stretch session
5 min express workout with my mini me, Nyah, to get your tots involved!

I Remember This…

That feeling of wanting to feel like me again and fit back into my clothes.

That feeling of wanting to get started, but not, because I had a long way to go.
That feeling of feeling motivated, then looking in the mirror, and losing motivation, because starting again is HARD and I am reminded of how far I have to go.
That feeling of rather being on the couch because i’m too tired.
That feeling of justifying to myself why i’ll skip the workout today and start again tomorrow (or monday)
Getting started is hard.

But, there is no other way to reach your goals than to just get started, and keep on moving.

Little by little, day by day, changes start to happen, your mood and energy levels lift, your strength & fitness increases, and it gets EASIER.

Free kickstart guide for

post partum Mums

Our Results

I feel amazing, no more headaches, I have heaps more energy after work. I'm sleeping better, my moods are more even, and I can't remember the last time I had a pimple since starting this! My fitness and well-being has definitely been the biggest change. I finally feel like I am setting a good example for my girls by having a better relationship with my diet, exercise and body image - Helen

Our Results